Book: Create Meaningful Stuff

by Johan van Mol & Peter Van Riet

In this book, we share our philosophy and approach to product and service design with business leaders, designers, marketers, engineers, strategists or anyone who wants to contribute to the design and marketing of meaningful stuff.

With our world changing at lightening speed, it is obvious that we all need to start to get more selective. And this means putting our purchasing power behind special products and services that create value in our lives, that do not exhaust the planet and that smartly offer ease and convenience while sparking our creativity and intelligence. In other words: we need meaningful stuff.

Creating truly meaningful stuff is a tough nut to crack. A lot of it has to do with the fact that innovation processes we use today are out of date. Creating and launching meaningful products and services in our connected world requires radical transformation where creativity needs to challenge the status quo and think beyond tried-and-true industrial recipes. But just being creative is not enough. This is what Radical Design is all about: creativity joining forces with smart business rationale.

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